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Whitelist MXWorld - Direwol20 1.19

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direwolf20 1.19
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Hi there!

I am currently looking for a few other people to join me on my private
SMP FTB Direwolf20 1.19 server slightly modified (skyvillages removed).
World is brand new and I am by myself atm.

This is a huge modpack on a 6GB RAM server. So I prefer to limit the number
of players rather than start to ban certain builds/machines. I'd be
happy with 10 active players to start with.

Mature only (16+), I am 42 yo, and I have been playing minecraft since 2011
and Direwolf's modpack since 2012 with decent breaks along the years....

The server is located in Joburg South Africa, as I live on a small island
in the southern indian ocean and it is the only location which gives me
an acceptable ping.

So I will prioritise people from the region, as there aren't a lot of modded
minecraft servers around here. You could probably play from europe with
some lag(200-300ms is my guess)... We actually do the opposite from
this side a lot

All FTB essentials commands available (tpa, rtp, spawn...).

Some Rules :

1) Behave well (no griefing, stealing...).

2) No lag machines. Be intelligent when building farms or anything
succeptible to lag the server. turn off your machines/farm when offline
(even if ftbchunks is set to unload force loaded chunks when offline).
Control your overflows. Prefer pipez or xnet over Mek cables/pipes for
big builds.

3) No banned items atm but it may change at any moment due to not being able to enforce rule 2.

4) Only chunkload using FTB chunks. As server is set to turn off chunkloading while user is offline

5) Build away from Spawn (for future expansion) and other players unless invited to do so. Claim your chunks using FTB chunks.

6) New rules may be added if those aren't enough but I hope not as I hate rules

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