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Open Murucraft Endeavour [20 GB RAM]

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Welcome to Murucraft Endeavour. This is basically FTB Endeavour out of the box, no restrictions or changes put in place.

I plan to keep this server up permanently. It runs on Oracle Cloud's free tier ARM server, which means it is free forever. The VM has 4 OCPU cores, and I've allocated 20 GB RAM to the Minecraft server.

I'm very hands-off when it comes to managing this server. I just created it and left it up like it is. The FTB chunk claiming mod should be enough to prevent griefing. There are essential commands like /tpa, /home, /back and /rtp which are enabled by default in this modpack. Everything on this server has been left on default. Let me know if there are any major issues, though.

I intend to keep the server up-to-date with the modpack's most recent official release, not beta.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to 1.9.0

    The server has been updated to 1.9.0
  2. Updated to 1.8.0

    The server has been updated to Endeavour 1.8.0. This should fix some of the crashes that have...