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Open Modded Minecraft Club -- FTB Beyond [Wiki] [Forums] [No Lag/20 tps]

A Better Minecraft Server, an Excellent Community

  1. ModdedMinecraftClub
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    Latest Release (More details at https://wiki.moddedminecraft.club/index.php?title=How_to_Join)
    Modded Minecraft Club is a public network of community driven modded Minecraft Servers. Right now we have a Direwolf20 1.10, FTB Beyond, Age of Engineering, and Mindcrack 1.4.7 server. These servers are run by our excellent staff, some of whom have played Minecraft since it was a free game you played in a web browser.

    Our goal with MMCC is to create a mid-sized, fun, and healthy community around our shared interest of modded Minecraft. To accomplish this goal all griefing is forbidden, we have a no-whitelist policy, and we strive to ensure the technical aspects of the server run smoothly.

    Whitelist Policy
    Here at MMCC we have a no-whitelist policy. That is, any player can join the server; no application, no hassle. Whitelists are ineffective at preventing bad guys from getting in, and all they do is add hassle to legitimate players. Instead, we implement a system where players gain the Member rank after spending some time on the server and building basic machines.

    Server Specs
    MMCC runs on a single very powerful dedicated server located in Montreal, Canada. This server has an i7-4790k, 32 GB of ram, a 250 mbps guarenteed internet speed, and a 250 GB server grade SSD. At MMCC, lag won't be an issue.

    Server Rules
    We want MMCC to be a healthy, but also free community. As such, we implement rules where neccessary, but only when neccessary. Our rules establish a grief-free and respectful environment. You may read the full rules on our website at wiki.moddedminecraft.club.
    Banned Items

    Here at MMCC we do our best to avoid banning items, although due to the nature of modded Minecraft and the fact that meanies will be mean, sometimes we have no choice but to issue item bans. At the time of writing, only extraenous chunk loaders are banned because we have a custom chunk loading plugin that helps us to prevent lag.
    At this point, hopefully you can't wait to get started with MMCC! We currently have three servers: an FTB Beyond server, a Mindcrack 1.4.7 server, and a Direwolf20 1.10 server. To join all you need to do is download one of these packs in the FTB or Curse Launcher then join with one of the following IP addresses:

    Modpack Server IP
    Feed The Beast Beyond fb.moddedminecraft.club
    Direwolf20 1.10 dw.moddedminecraft.club
    Age of Engineering aoe.moddedminecraft.club
    Mindcrack 1.4.7 Pack mc.moddedminecraft.club

    Beyond Modded Minecraft Club
    Fb.moddedminecraft.club -- FTB Beyond

    Modded Minecraft Club is a network of (you guessed it) modded Minecraft servers. Right now, we have a Direwolf20 1.10 server, a FTB Beyond Server, and a Mindcrack server. These servers are run by our excellent staff, some of whom have run Minecraft servers since beta 1.6. Our goal with MMCC is to establish a mid-size, healthy, community around Modded Minecraft. To accomplish this goal, all griefing is forbidden, griefed items will be refunded, and there is no tolerance for disrespect among community members.

    Whitelist Policy
    In general, a whitelist is ineffective at preventing bad guys from getting on the server, provides significant administrative overhead, and also creates a barrier to legitimate players. Since launch, we have assumed everyone is a legitimate community member from the beginning while also keeping strong anti-grief controls in place. This has served us well so far, with very few occurrences of grief (and those that did occur only happened because someone didn’t fully claim their build). If you want to join, come right in!

    Questions or concerns? Post them on our forums: https://www.moddedminecraft.club/forums/!

    To ensure that we can easily change rules to cope with new events, we do not keep the server rules in our advertising posts. Instead, we have a wiki page that serves as the one true source for the server’s rules. Link: https://wiki.moddedminecraft.club/index.php?title=Rules

    Banned Items
    We only ban items when absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy multiplayer environment. You may view a full up-to-date list on our wiki. We are also open to unbanning items if a good reason can be provided. Link: https://wiki.moddedminecraft.club/index.php?title=Banned_Items

    Extra Notes:
    1. The server has 100%/24-7 uptime, although, there are occasional restarts to clear out the ram and to make modifications. Restarts will be announced in-chat.
    2. The server runs on a dedicated server with an i7-4790k CPU, 32 GBs of ram, and a 250 mbps guaranteed full duplex uplink. Lag won’t be an issue here.
    3. Our server has no lag. Many servers make outlandish claims about their complete lack of lag, and many don’t have any lag at that moment. What they lack is a future commitment to quickly and effectively solve any and all lag problems that may arise. This is what you get with Modded Minecraft Club -- no lag now and in the future.