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Open Modded Minecraft Club [Direwolf20 1.18] [Just Reset]

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Direwolf20 1.18
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You MUST remove the mod Mahou Tsukai from your client to join this server. This mod was causing significant lag to the point that it could not be kept on the server.


Modded Minecraft Club is a community driven network of multiple modded Minecraft servers. These servers are run by our excellent staff, some of whom have run Minecraft servers since Beta 1.6. Our goal with MMCC is to establish a mid-sized, healthy, community around Modded Minecraft. To accomplish this goal, all griefing is forbidden, griefed or bugged items will be refunded, there is no tolerance for disrespect among community members, and there are [written and enforced moderator guidelines]( to protect against power-tripping staff.


In general, a whitelist is ineffective at preventing bad guys from joining the server, creates unnecessary administrative work, and creates a barrier to legitimate players. Since launch, we have assumed everyone is a legitimate community member from the beginning while also keeping strong anti-grief controls in place. This has been very successful, with very few occurrences of grief because, almost all because the player did not claim their build. If you want to join, come right in!

Rules & Moderator Guidelines

To ensure that we can easily change rules and let players know about the changes, we do not keep the server rules in our advertising posts. Instead, you can view this page on our website that serves as the one true source for the server’s rules. In addition to server rules like most servers have, we also have written and enforced moderator guidelines that are in place to prevent both ineffective moderation and power tripping moderators. If you feel that a moderator has violated these guidelines, you can contact the owners ([email protected], [email protected]) for a swift resolution.

Minimal Server Lag

The servers are located in a professional datacenter in Falkenstein, Germany. They run on a dedicated server with an i9-9900k CPU, 64 GBs of RAM, and a 1000 mbps guaranteed internet speed (both up and down). For full server specifications, see the Hetnzer EX62-NVMe. Many servers make outlandish claims about their complete lack of lag, and many don't have any lag at that moment. What they lack is a future commitment to quickly and effectively solve any and all lag problems that may arise. This is what you get with Modded Minecraft Club -- no lag now and in the future.

Extra Notes

We aim for 24/7/365 uptime, although, there are occasional automatic restarts ensure stability and to make modifications along with crashes that come with modded Minecraft. If you have any other questions, feel free to join our Discord server!
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Latest updates

  1. Remove Mahou Tsukai from your client

    In order to (massively) reduce the lag from stalls on the server, we have removed the Mahou...
  2. Map Reset & Update

    We just reset the map, so welcome on in anyone who wants a fresh map! We also updated to 1.6.1.