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Open Mekka-Flux Revelations 1.8.0

Custom Plugins, Unique Economy

  1. Tripwire_117
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    Welcome to Mekka-Flux!
    We are currently hosting *Revelation v1.8.0!*


    *Who are we?*

    Mekka-Flux is a newly founded network focused maintaining a high TPS to ensure that your experience here is completely lag free! Right now we also strive to give back to the community that supports us! Rather than a pay-to-win scenario we offer a unique economy system (Flux Points) based on a web service. As such, Flux-Points cannot be purchased using hard currency directly. This helps maintain a balance between players!

    *What do you mean, not pay-to-win?*

    Unlike other servers, our Ranks. are set in such a way that when one individual purchases a rank, other players can redeem rewards; one for each rank purchased (Different Levels have different perks).
    These rewards (Community Perks) are distributed to everyone at the end of each month on our Discord channel.

    *Flux Points? How do we get them?*

    To begin collecting points you must have the following:
    1. Create an enjin account
    2. Link your minecraft account
    3. Join our Webpage!

    Flux points are obtained in several ways:

    + Participation in Daily Rewards located in the lobby
    + /Welcome (ing) new players joining the Revelation server
    + Voting on the server listings
    + Having the most votes at the end of the month
    + Community Rewards

    And now Fluxians I proudly present to you Mekka-Flux!

    Website: http://mekka-flux.net/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/C2bNXGV/
    Ranks: https://mekka-flux.enjin.com/shop
    Direct Connection: Rev.Mekka-Flux.net 2912357.jpg 2912358.jpg


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