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Whitelist Looking for a few players to share my 12GB server with

High Performance Dedicated Server for dedicated players (Real server in datacenter)

  1. Heineken
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    Hello, I'm just a random guy trying to get back into FTB, still kind of a beginner but I decided that it's too boring alone, but I still want my own world. Because of that I am looking for a few people to share my server with, the server I'm using is my own and it is pretty powerful, so that adds a lot of possibilities you can do in a multiplayer FTB.

    Server specs:
    Intel Xeon L5630 @ 2.13GHz x8
    16GB Ram with 12GB allocated to FTB
    SSD Drive

    I'm looking for people that just want to play uninterrupted on a lag free server, where discovering biomes can be done without really lagging everyone.

    If you're interested, please fill in this google form. I check regularly: