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Whitelist Lake of Fire Infinity Evolved

Friendly, Mature & Fun

  1. Whatthehell337
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    1.7.10 (3.0.2)
    Here we have our minecraft FTB infinity evolved server, This is our second venture into this community and we have previously operated mainly in Arma 2 & 3 Dayz Communities. Our aim is to bring a small (Starting at 10) group of players together into the community with opportunities for expansion we will be looking for friendly and confident, level headed players who will be respectful of one another but still know how to have a joke and a laugh. There will also be room for ranks such as moderators & admins if expansions take place in the future.

    Low/No lag
    Dedicated Host
    Complete experience (No banned items)
    Small tight nit community

    1. Be respectful of peoples wishes.
    2. Always try to help others have fun aswell as your self.
    3. No griefing (Pranks are allowed but nothing destructive like TNT) If a player has a sign asking not to be he victim of a prank please respect this.
    4. Please do not unnecessarily explore as it can make the server file extremely large.
    5. All quarries or otherwise destructive machinery has to be placed in the deep dark dimension (A portal will be provided) this allows us to regenerate it every few days allowing for a constant supply of materials, the only exception is a default sized build-craft quarry above water, no quarrying is allowed above normal terrain in the over-world.
    6. Please place any laggy builds in another dimension (Will be provided) this will be a shared dimension where it will not affect players trying to build in the over-world.
    7. No form of discrimination will be accepted this will cause a instant ban.

    Please send all whitelist applications to me on discord:
    White-list Applications:

    Once accepted you will be added to a discord group for this server where you can connect with others, Voice your questions & opinions and put forward any potential improvements/additions you would like to see in the future.