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Open KryptonGaming Departed Modpack Server!

KryptonGaming Departed Server

  1. Zerodia
    Server IP:
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    This is a community server, no griefing or raiding is allowed here, we cherish players and can change things to their liking, like adding plugins or changing things to an extent, we're open to your suggestions and want to make people excited to play.

    This is a mature, excellent, community server with kind staff. We don't tolerate harassment of any sort.

    This server is reliable, smoothly running, and has a great community, so come join ours today!

    About Departed: Departed is a mod pack based around the mod Advent of Ascension, which means that you have to level up skills to do better in the game, it also give the player a divine, RPG-like essence which no other modpack can really achieve. Getting to end game take a lot longer than most technical ones and this modpack will surely keep you entertained for quite a while!