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Open Krypton Gaming Factions Hardcore PVP Trident Server

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We have a huge variety of servers, and have been hosting for around 7 months so you know you are with a reliable host! this is actually a trial server to see if people enjoy this pack and if so it will be added to are range of servers for people to play, We have a large range of "co-Owners" who specialize in but PVP and PVE servers so there is something for everyone! we hope to see you on Trident and we hope you enjoy your stay! if you have any issues or problems please leave it on the forums!
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4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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The first Trident server I've found that uses the pack like it's meant to; you build up your own defenses, while also trying to infiltrate that of others. It doesn't just limit you to the poor PvP experience that Minecraft has to offer, because it doesn't have claims.
I've always been a fan of the modpack, now I finally found a server who shares the same passions for it as I do with lovely staff and active owners!