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Open Kreytos Horizons 3

Nolag | Lost Cities Multiworld | Economy | Nations

  1. Redruzerkruzer
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    Welcome to the Kreytos server thread for horizons 3!

    It is my passion to create quality servers that players can reliably play without issue. There are many plans for future server releases and features to be added in the community. The community is currently small but growing quickly.

    We have a PvE OverWorld and a PvE Lost Cities world that players may build and explore in. There is also a PvP Lost Cities world for those who want to see the world burn. More worlds will be added if there is a demand for them.

    We use discord for all our community information guides and communication. https://discord.gg/PTkV9M3

    Come say Hi and ask any questions you would like answered.