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Whitelist KoozCraft | Infinity 1.6.2 | Community-based | PvE | 18+ | TS3

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Infinity 1.6.2
KoozCraft is still recruiting! The members of Koozcraft and I are hoping to build a server community with trusting members whom all contribute to the progression of all individual members. Since our initial launch (on 11/3/14), we have steadily been a growing community! Typically we'll have 5-10 players online at once, with 20+ individual players at different times.

Server Specs:
CPU: AMD FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition
Server Location: Southeastern USA (KY)


The current world started on 6/20/15. The server should be running 24/7, and our admins are often available should a problem arise.

Difficulty: Hard

There are rules and other info about our server in-game, but for the most part:
  • No griefing, theft, harassment, etc.
  • No PvP unless both parties agree
  • No exploits such as X-ray, duplicating mechanisms, etc.
** For this iteration of our world, instant teleportation via mystcraft will be "limited." We hope to build a more tight-knit community this way.
**Draconic Evolution will also be removed, as it is far too easy to reach endgame that way.

If you're interested in joining our server, please answer the information found here -

After receiving the above info, we can have a quick chat to answer any questions/concerns you may have via Skype or TeamSpeak (PM to set up a time).

You can also check out our subreddit, located here:
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Decided to leave in the end, alot of drama and people were always losing itnerest
Top notch server, great admins, awesome community, 11/10 would apply again.