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Open * Joker's World * | SeriousCreeper's SeriousPack | 24/7 Server | Dynmap | Fair Admin

Mostly PvE (PvP is allowed*)| Lagless** | Fair and helpful staff | Fair and reasonable rules

  1. Galaxy119
    Server IP:
    SeriousCreeper's SeriousPack
    Modpack Version:
    !Welcome to Joker's Magical Industrial World!
    SeriousCreeper'sSeriousPack v1.7.4
    FTB Pack Code: SCSP
    (Remove Malisis' doors)
    We're a relatively small server (for the moment), for the last month and a half I've kept this server private amongst my friends but I think it's time we opened it up. This is mostly a 18+ server, but that rule is not enforced. We don't want griefers on the server, and they will be dealt with quickly. Please visit the following website: joker.kbgservers.com. Here you can find all kinds of information about our server aswell as our teamspeak server information.

    Due to the size of the modpack, the following system specs are recommended.
    Minimum -
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    AMD/Intel dual-core processor
    (without shaders) Nvidia GTS 400 or AMD/Intel equivalent
    (do not attempt to use shaders with less than 8GB of RAM)

    Recommended -
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    AMD/Intel dual-core processor
    (without shaders) Nvidia GTS 450 or AMD/Intel equivalent
    (with shaders) Nvidia GTX 650 or AMD equivalent

    Optimal -
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    AMD/Intel quad-core processor
    (without shaders) Nvidia GTX 760 or AMD/Intel equivalent
    (with shaders) Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 290x

    Every new player gets ONE free TP to anywhere on the already-explored server map.

    To start things off, there are a few rules for the server:
    1. No visible quarry holes in the overworld.
    (basically, in lakes/oceans are fine, but I don't want giant holes to bedrock all over the overworld. Use your quarries over water, or in other dimensions (hell, twilight forest, etc are acceptable. Alternatively, you may auto-fill the quarry holes with dirt/stone/etc as long as there is no giant hole when you are done I don't care)

    (This is to help reduce the possibility of server lag. There's no need for your base to be loaded when you are offline, however, I do understand the need to load out-of-dimension spawners, or salination plants(for mekanism) in different biomes, so to accommodate that, I will allow each player to own ONE chunkloader that may remain in-world when you are offline. Additional chunkloaders must be picked up/turned off when you are offline or they will get removed)

    3. This is an adult-populated server. Do not whine or complain about cursing, political discussions, racism, sexism or name calling/bullying. You are an adult. Act like one.

    4. To extend on #3, IF there is a child playing on the server, I ask everyone to tone-down their talk accordingly, but I will not punish someone for something normally allowed, just because a child is present.

    5. You may live inside the town the spawn is located at, and you may even build inside of it, however, any existing buildings must remain intact,

    Additional Info: You may add the server owner on steam if you wish to communicate more easily out-of-game. I don't always have time to get on everyday. My steam is Joker_119.

    The server will restart every morning at 3AM Pacific Time. The world will save every 30mins.

    Please note: While there is a list of admins and moderators below, NONE of them have direct OP on the server while playing. Because of this, small things may not be resolved immediately, even if an admin or mod is online.

    * While PvP is allowed, this is a mostly PvE focused server. All PvP shall be done in a friendly competitive way, if you blow up a building in a rival players city, fine. Have fun. If you destroy every building in a neutral player's city 'just because' you will be banned.

    ** Lagless means that with a reasonable amount of players online, doing a reasonable amount of activity, there will be no lag. Due to the shear size of the modpack, there may be intermittent moments of lag when the server is generating new chunks. If you are generating new chunks, I ask that you generate no more than 1-5 chunks every 60sec, and if the server becomes laggy, please wait until the lag is gone before generating more. To help facilitate this, you may only generate new chunks while on/below ground level. Meaning you cannot fly around with your power armor super fast. (And yes, there's a way to tell where the player generating new chunks is from the console)

    If you have any questions, comments, complaints or concerns, or need something resolved, feel free to contact an Administrator or Moderator when you see one online.
    Administrators (have access to the admin console of the server)

    Moderators (In charge of bringing things to the admin's attention when they are offline. No console access.)

    Things the Admin team WON'T do:
    -Restore items lost due to: Death, stupidity, accidents, creepers, withers or 'reasonable' PvP
    -Teleport you somewhere
    -Give you things for free
    -Use admin-power to help you advance in the game in any way

    Things the Admin team WILL do:
    -Restore items lost due to: Server glitches, Mod bug, server crashes, 'unreasonable' PvP or Player theft
    -Help you locate specific things (biomes, buildings, etc) that have already been discovered on the server. (IE: We can point you in the direction of the closest Desert, but only if one has been discovered on the server already)

    I will update this post when I have more information.