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Open Isolonice Network | Trident PvP no Claim | Capture Point | Team

French/English full PVP Trident server with permanent event like Capture Point

  1. Mr Pédicure
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    ModPack : Trident
    Type : PvP
    IP : tdt.isolonice.fr
    Forums : http://forums.isolonice.fr

    Language : French/English
    TeamSpeak : ts3.isolonice.fr
    Launcher Isolonice :
    =>Launcher Isolonice (.exe)<=
    =>Launcher Isolonice (.jar)<=

    Twitter : @Isolonice

    Server : Dedicated server
    CPU : E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz 8Threads
    2 x 120GB SSD
    RAM 32GO

    Staff : Our staff is mature and effective, there is no abuse of power.
    Community : Isolonice is a community, you can meet and play with players on our servers or others games. You are free to stay on teamspeak3 server if you do not disturb players.
    Isolonice : Isolonice is a community that hostings servers since 11 mounth. We listen to our players, to make Isolonice always better.

    Isolonice Trident server is full PvP, you can join a team or be alone and kill anyone. There is also a permanent event on the map named "Domination". On the map there is 4 points that you can capture, to get one point you have to be in 15 radius blocs of the point during 1.30 minute. If you capture one point you hold it for 5 minutes, to win rewards and 1 score point you have to hold all the points. You can't claim a zone and grief is allowed.

    We are working on more event, join us !

    To get an idea of the système :
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