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Hey guys, I am currently taking applications for players on my server. Right now I will say that I am looking for around 10 people. I am currently planning to have the server up 24/7, but please understand that it may go down for maintenance, or some other reason. The server is whitelisted, so I will need your user name in the exact lower and upper case that you have it for your profile. I intend this to be a Player vs. Environment server, since the mobs are really dangerous. I strongly encourage people to team up.

The rules are pretty simple.

1. No fighting other players without their permission. Just play nice together and we will be good.

2. No stealing or destroying other people's stuff.

3. Please, no cursing, swearing, or other obscene language. I would also recommend avoiding symbols and such that would offend people.

4. Be nice, and just get along. Lets all have fun together. :)

Breaking the rules once generally will get you a warning, breaking them twice may get you banned. The admins have the power to issue more warnings, or ban a person depending on how severe they determine the offense to be. We want to have fun, people who get in the way of that will not be tolerated.

The server is running fairly default settings for the Departed mod pack. We have made some minor changes but have kept the core mods as they were. You, as the player are expected to research the mods, and deal with the dangers in the world. Dangerous mobs wander the world during the day and night time. There is even one mob that drops TNT randomly, we were a tad surprised by it when it blew up the entrance of our base. :)

Please be ready to die a few times, because, you will die. It is likely to be quite often. So, be able to handle that.

Pam's foods, and food familiarity are enabled. It makes living a challenge. Be prepared to starve if you are not careful. We have provided a starting home for those who join the server. It has some farm land, beds, and some handy things to get you started. Please treat it with respect.

There are several dimensions that you can visit, just be sure that you are ready before you travel to them. You may not be able to get back once you get to them. (The Nether and End not withstanding)

We have also set up a dungeon with a Thaumcraft cheat book. Why? Well, we have gotten tired of the whole process of researching items. So, we set up a dungeon near the starting point that has a cheat book that opens up the whole tree. Basically, you have to brave the dungeon to access the cheat book, so it isn't free. We figure it makes things fair.

Please make sure to put the book back after you read it, do not keep it for yourself. It will basically be useless to you after the fact.

Please follow the rules here for applying to servers. I would prefer that you post in this thread, but if PMs are the norm, then fine. Please provide your user name, and maybe a bit about your play style. I will contact you to let you know that you are in.

If you join the game, and determine it isn't for you, then please let me know. I can contact the next person. I am pretty sure I will go with the first 10 people to apply, but who knows what may happen.

This is my first time attempting this kind of "public" server access, so please be patient with me. Thank you for your time and patience, I hope that you have a great day. :)
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