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Open Infsky | Elite Legion | 24/7 | Friendly staff

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I see you have stumbled upon this server, it is called Elite Legion, it has 24/7 uptime, Friendly staff and a lovely range of players from time to time. The modpack at the moment is only Infinity Skyblock Evolved but the larger the server grows, the more modpacks we will introduce.


We have custom ranks and plugins, we have a token shop where you can buy certain items if needed but tokens will come later. Our skyblock plugin makes sure that your island is as safe as sponges :). Our friendly staff makes sure that you will always have the help needed within 24 hours by creating a ticket or asking them when theyre online.


Modpack: Infinity Evolved Skyblock (Expert Mode) -
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This is the best Inf Skyblock server that I ever seen. Lag-free, friendly administration and 24/7 uptime.
Your staff are very friendly and helpful its 9/10