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Whitelist Infinity Sky Block (Small community based).

Small Infinity Skyblock Server - For people who want to work together.

  1. Acroneous.
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Looking for about 2-4 people to join me in an infinity sky-block map. All on 1 island so it won't be as tedious to play. Not necessary, but preffered :p

    It's will be completely lag-free. It's ran on it's own dedicated server box. So no external host.

    Dual-Intel Xeon processer, 2TB hard drive and 16gb Ram.
    I've stress tested it a lot in the past, it's more than good enough for a couple of players
    Just fill out the application form and I'll whitelist you to play.

    Minecraft Name:
    Reason To Join(Not too important but it's nice to know ):
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