-INFINITY-  ==Andromeda Network : Where There's Something for Everyone!==

Open -INFINITY- ==Andromeda Network : Where There's Something for Everyone!==

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Infinity, Towny, Unleashed, Regrowth, Rise to Elysium, Bevo's Tech Pack, Sky Factory, Hexxit, Monster

Where There's Something for Everyone!

The Network:
Andromeda Network was started by a tight-knit community of friends, who wanted nothing more than to have a stable server to play on, together. What started out as a small server soon grew into thriving community of like-minded players who were looking for a relaxed environment to not only build and grow, but do so with friends.

We currently have 9 active servers, with a few others in testing. Our staff is friendly, the atmosphere is calm, and the servers are virtually lag-free! Come check us out, there is something here for everyone!

The Servers:
Further Information for each of our servers can be found at our website: http://www.an-mc.net

Andromeda has a fully functioning Donor and Perk Shop, where you can spend points earned from voting or donating to the network! Along with the Website Vote Store, voting nets you random in-game rewards through our Vote-Roulette System! (not on ALL servers, is currently in testing).

Like VoiceChat? We have that, too! Join us on TeamSpeak on ts.an-mc.net

FTB Infinity
IP: play.an-mc.net:25700
Launcher: Feed-The-Beast

IP: play.an-mc.net
Launcher: VANILLA

Rise to Elysium
IP: RTE.an-mc.net:25596
Launcher: FTB Third Party
(Pack Code can be found on our website)

IP: play.an-mc.net:25703
Launcher: FTB Third Party

FTB Monster
IP: ftb.an-mc.net:25563
Launcher: Feed-The-Beast

FTB Unleashed
IP: play.an-mc.net:25562
Launcher: Feed-The-Beast

Bevo's Tech Pack
IP: play.an-mc.net:25597
Launcher: ATLauncher

Sky Factory
IP: play.an-mc.net:25564
Launcher: ATLauncher

IP: play.an-mc.net:25560
Launcher: TechnicPack

The Rules:
The rules on Andromeda are fairly straight-forward; don't be an a**-hat. With that being said, server specific rules can be found on the Website.
In General, we ask that you please refrain from griefing, from begging, and from advertising other servers. Our staff can also be very friendly, but they are still staff. Their whole goal to keep the chat and servers clean and friendly, so please show them the respect they are due. That same respect should be shown to other players, as well. We want a safe, friendly, comfortable community, where people are free to build to their hearts content.​
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