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Open Infamous Gaming [Ultimate Reloaded | 1.5.0]

Gaming communities with tons of opportunities! https://discord.gg/mUCksvw

  1. HunterDraxi
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    Welcome, one and all, to
    Infamous Servers
    We are a band of misfits who host a majority of the new and upcoming modded Minecraft packs!
    This endeavor of ours has lasted over the span of a few years now, and our community has done nothing but grow.

    Our staff members work around the clock to ensure all players are enjoying the time they spend on our servers, and encourage them to take interest in conversing with our other groups in our Discord server.
    We strive to make your experience an adventure that you want to come back to again and again, so come join us and see us in action!
    Bored of one modpack? Join our sister server under the same host on another pack, or even stray to a new game with some members of Infamous from the Discord!