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Whitelist Hostile Takeover - DireWolf20 - Dedicated - Lagless - TS3

PvE, Whitelisted, We're not just a server - we're a community.

  1. Dmouse
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    Here a Hostile Takeover we are more that a server we are a community.
    We are a 16+ community, but acceptions can be made.
    We have a teamspeak with many active users : TS.HT-Community.com
    Our website is located here : http://hostiletakeover.co/ It mostly has stuff about our Arma 3 servers
    Here is a link to our discord if you have any questions : https://discord.gg/pTyGxNH
    We work hard to provide good quality gameplay.
    We are taking applications you can apply @ https://goo.gl/forms/0NDvcnShwYqKdnoT2
    Rules are simple: Have fun and use common sense. We're really big on common sense. If you start taking liberties to do things at the expense of others we will take action. Likewise if you're cool then we're cool.
    - Friendly and Dedicated Staff
    - Active Community & Discord
    - No Banned Items
    - No Lag
    - 24/7 Uptime
    - Full Dedicated Machine
    - No World Resets
    - No Chunk loading Restrictions
    You can create your home where ever you like, weather it's a giant castle or a small dwelling. ALL IS WELCOME


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