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Whitelist Horizons: Daybreaker | Grief Protection Plus

Dirt Huts is a small Whitelisted Horizions: Daybreaker Server

  1. Nayloch
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Welcome to Dirt Huts, we are a small whitelisted server running Horizions: Daybreaker 1.1.0. We use Grief Prevention Plus to protect your area. Our server has been customized to extend your playing time to reach end game, many of the mods of been altered to make you think more about how to progress. While Mek is here it has been nerfed heavily so don't expect the same old grind.

    EE3 has been Disabled.

    Once you are whitelisted please ensure you disable BloodArsenal as it will crash you client otherwise.

    Our staff are sensible adults that do their best to keep the server running smoothly...

    We are planning on adding additions Mod Packs in the future