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Whitelist Horizons 3 - Team Rapture - Dedicated Server - Developers on Staff - No banned Items - Patreon

6 Years MC Hosting | No lag or Fixed | Devs on Staff | Dedicated Hardware | Team Rapture | Patreon

  1. cjm721
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Horizons III 1.0.0 Server
    Who we are:

    The Team Rapture Community is a community of players (~500) that originally started with a focus on Minecraft modding (more of the creating mods side) and has since expanded to general players and somewhat to other games (Ark, Factori, 7d2d, Civ). We are always willing to host servers for our community as long as the cost can be covered for which is why we have gone the pay wall route. This allows us to give our community what they want in a way that is sustainable and not dependent on any one single person. Any excess money goes back into the community for by paying for additional hardware.

    Discord: Link

    Not currently set in stone but in general we are a community so treat each other with respect (pay wall also has the added benifit of weeding out a lot of the quick trolls) so the general no grief / unsolicited PVP. Also modded Minecraft takes up a lot of resources both on the server and client so try and build efficiently, there are no banned items but if you are told to fix something due to lag do it quickly as you are on a shared resource. With having developers on staff we are very quick to track down once notified and will fix it (talk to a lot of other mod developers to help make modded Minecraft more efficient).

    Joining Instructions:
    1. Pledge at least $1.00 USD to Horizons Category: Link
    2. Connect your Discord to Patreon (will ask after your patronage, Help)
    3. Go to the channel in our discord and register your username (Link)
    4. IP is in the pinned messages
    If you have any issues just ask in the help channel on our discord.