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Whitelist Hideout Kingdom DW20 Server | 24/7 | Mature Language|

Hideout Kingdom DW20 Whitelisted Server

  1. 13lightcap
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    DW20 1.7.10 v. 1.5.0
    Hideout Kingdom is a community running 3 servers, one of which is a DireWolf20 Server. We are running the DireWolf20 1.7.10 pack using the 1.5.0 pack version. The IP is dw.hideoutkingdom.com.

    The Rules are as follows:

    - No griefing, cheating, hacking or stealing
    - Be friendly
    - No quarry, or huge hole making in Overworld, please use the Mining Age!!
    - Only use the colours you chose on ender storage
    - no 1x1 towers
    - The spawn area consists of a 150 blocks each direction. All buildings and structures in this area are community based
    - All personal buildings must be built outside the spawn area and are to be considered private to the builder/owner. Do not enter unless you are invited to enter.
    - Do not use players portals at the nexus without the owners permission.
    - Staff are here to help, please show them some respect
    - Do not modify community buildings without permission from staff(only modify, does not include building new buildings)
    - All bases are prone to random and unannounced searches by Staff members ONLY. Please be aware of this.

    A Whitelist Application can be found at www.hideoutkingdom.com
    Please do not post your application here, please post it on our site.

    More information on our community can be found under the "General Information" area on our forums.

    We also have an IRC server and a TeamSpeak Server . The information can be found on our site as well.

    Thank you and hope to see you around!

    -Hideout Kingdom Staff

Recent Reviews

  1. Mirosa25
    So far this server is great! On the East Cost (NY Area) my ping never goes above 60 so non laggy and for now it maintains a solid 20 TPS. In addition they added a workshop since I joined so there's that which helps you out! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!