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Whitelist Hermitpack 1.3.0

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Hermitpack 1.3.0
Welcome to our Hermitpack Server
Established October 2016

Staff Members:

MagicMage1238 (Owner)
MiuKujo (Wandering_Magi)

Applications are Currently OPEN.


This server is a public opportunity to establish a small group of friends who enjoy playing modded Minecraft together. Applications will be limited, with the server only containing 40 slots, which may be increased in the future. We will accept more applicants if allowed by server activity.

The goal here is to have fun. Anything that makes that an obstacle will not be allowed.


1.Common Sense is key. Do not disturb members items, builds, or other property without prior consent.

2.No item abuse. If a member is found to have a build which causes significant lag to the server, they must remove it or risk being removed from the server with it.

3.Inactivity. Due to the limit on server slots, if you are inactive for a month, you may be removed from the whitelist. You can reapply if you wish to return.

4.All decisions on member action, and the rules listed above is subject to discretion by server admin or Staff. Please ask any staff member if you have any specific questions regarding the rules.

NOTE: It is recommended you have at least 6 gigs of ram, as this is a rather hefty pack and this version of forge has a memory issue. This is a problem that is being worked on by the curating team.


To join, please fill out the following application and submit it via pm to myself or MagicMage1238. Because if you reply here, we'll get in trouble.

•Previous modded experience(if any):
•Will you use Discord?(Not Required)
•Anything else you might want to include:

If you are accepted, I will reply to your message here and send you a private message with more information.
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