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Whitelist HermitCraft 1.10.2 Private server community

HermitCraft Server Community Looking for more to join us!

  1. kulflame
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Server Name: HermitCrabt
    Server Location: Dallas, Texas USA
    Server Address:
    Server Website https://www.reddit.com/r/Kulflame_/comments/5fw58x/join_our_community/ but we mainly use Discord chat for news and info.

    HermitCraft is our communities kitchen sink pack until FTB releases Evolved 1.10.2. It will be up until Evolved launches then taken down and replaced with Evolved. We have another server hosting Vacant Sky but that's private invite only.

    * Casual ONLY players! Don't come into our server rushing to end game material. It's a kitchen sink pack and was created to be at least a 3 month server, not a 3 week server.
    * Please build a neat base. We like to show off our work!
    * Please be 18+
    * Be respectable to other players, to the server and it's tick rate and also come into voice chat and be a part of the community. We aren't looking for stray people to come in just to run off in the middle of no where and not talk to anyone. Besides it is multiplayer!

    Want aboard?

    We do not whitelist players when they simply drop in and say "whitelist me". Strike up a convo; we are a tight knit community and invite players that can add to the community.