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Open Hammercraft

Friendly, mature community

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    The Hammer Gaming community started out as a small group of friends who played World of Warcraft and over the years has grown into a large group of friends who span many games. We value the person more than the miner, meaning that you should be personable and fun to play with. If you are a great builder or amazing engineer but are no fun to be around then we are not the server for you. However, we expect our members to know how to help themselves when it comes to learning the game and mods, the mods are here to help but not hold people's hands.

    HammerCraft has been in operation for over 4 years. Here's an album of some past work on the server.

    Server chat is linked the the #Hammercraft channel on esper.net
    You can access it with this web portal

    1. Don't be a dick (Wheaton's Law)
    2. Don't touch other peoples stuff without permission. If you didn't place it, don't go near it.
    3. No PVP
    4. Avoid excessively laggy machine setups. We reserve the right to dismantle stuff if it is detrimental to the server.
    Once you are on the server, you can join the forums to keep up to date with news.
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