[GTNH] GregTech New Horizons 24/7 Dedicated Long Term Server. - StoneLegion - Canada - North America

Open [GTNH] GregTech New Horizons 24/7 Dedicated Long Term Server. - StoneLegion - Canada - North America

Server IP
GregTech New Horizons
Modpack Version
- Server: StoneLegion
- Server IP: - mc.stonelegion.com We are actually listed on the official Client: - Whitelist: None
- Client / Server Version: 2.2.3
- Client Download MMC Version: [MultiMC 2.2.3 Version of the Client](http://downloads.gtnewhorizons.com/Multi_mc_downloads/GT_New_Horizons_2.2.3_%28MMC%29.zip)
(Once downloaded Open MultiMC and drag it right onto the window and it will install GTNH. Reminder you need to usa JAVA 1.8)

- Install Client Video Guide:
- Discord: https://discord.gg/kBTabCX
- Server Rules: https://stonelegion.com/gtnh-2021-rules/

About: StoneLegion is about Fostering Long Term Game Servers. Pretty much we keep running our servers till people stop playing them. We are about being legit and don't tolerate harassment of our members nor any kind of cheating. We don't have a item mall / store nor support that. If you like to donate to help support the server you can, but the only thing you get out of it is a thank you and a colored name no actual physical / digital items within our games.

Our Server was launched last year, but the performance is amazing and like we stated long term server. Right now the server performance is like a brand new server in fact a bit better since the world is pregenerated for even better performance.

A big note here we are not looking for speed runners or people who plan to rush the pack. We are quite a laidback bunch of people. Many have never been to space or even don't care to rush to space. We are looking for people who are not here to lag and and destroy the server but rather take their time and enjoy it.

Thank you for your time and feel free to ask any questions.
Kane Hart
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