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Open GrumpyCraft Infinity Evolved SkyBlock

SkyBlock Experts / Professional Staff / Mature Community / Dedicated Hardware

  1. GrumpyCraft.com
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    GrumpyCraft Network | FTB Infinity Skyblock


    We are a mature community of experienced staff. We have been hosting modded minecraft servers for 3+ years.

    Check out our other modpacks and view modpack version info at http://www.grumpycraft.com/#modpacks


    Vote rewards
    Friendly Staff
    No Lag
    Custom coded plugins
    Custom coded crash recovery monitoring (99.9% uptime)

    Hardware and Network Specs

    Dedicated 1Gbps line on each server
    (Yes, we have multiple physical servers)
    Hosted in the Midwest
    i7 CPUs Overclocked at 4.0Ghz for best single-threaded performance
    32GB DDR4 RAM
    SSD Data storage and backup storage​

    Visit us at www.grumpycraft.com

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jax Ryouken
    Jax Ryouken
    Very good servers, Dedicated admins to reducing lag and fix issues, Mods are very active and helpful plus a few helpers to help with questions, Lag is better than most, and when it does, usually fixed within a short time, New packs all the time
  2. Babygirl82281
    This is a great community with an awesome staff team. They have a great selection of enjoyable modpacks and an active discord. I definitely recommend GrumpyCraft for anyone wanting to enjoy minecraft with an awesome group of players.
  3. Lyna Meep
    Lyna Meep
    1) Near lag-free environment across numerous servers with well over 20+ players.
    2) Extremely kind and knowledgeable staff
    1) Staff seem to be somewhat vacant as I've yet to see anyone above a Moderator online.
    2) Word Censoring(More so my opinion)
    3) Sloppy website(I've still yet to see the page of rules and i've been playing for over 2 weeks now..)
    4) Paying players to write reviews

    While there is diffidently room for improvement; I could say for sure that the server is extremely fun and is great for anyone wanting to play different modpacks in a near lag-free environment.
    1. GrumpyCraft.com
      Server's Response
      Hi Lyna - Thanks for the review and we are glad to have you as part of our community.

      Regarding your cons:

      Incentivising players to write honest reviews is a very common practice for server networks. It's hard to get people to give us their opinions otherwise.

      On the topic of language censoring - there are people of all ages on this network.. we feel that profanity does not do anything for a constructive or positive conversation.

      Lastly - our rules page is located at http://grumpycraft.com/wiki/m/37687902/page/Rules
      We fixed this earlier this week and I believe you should be able to view them. We are working on a site revamp and moved the location temporarily. If you have further problems please feel free to join us on our Discord help channel at https://discordapp.com/invite/f66WVsz
  4. slm_gamer
    very stable server minimal lag mostly nice people
  5. Ambitions
    Wonderful staff, always around to help you when you need it.
    little to no lag, many servers to chose from...awesome, positive community!
  6. xILukasIx
    Great staff, great performance and an awesome community!
    They have lots of other servers as well!
  7. Ilirith
    Superb server, many enjoyable modpacks and extra features to make it easy to play and talk with all your friends no matter the pack you are using.
  8. SealNality
    I've been playing this server for less than a month and it is great to see players having fun and being friendly each other :D giving 10 out of 10
  9. Supernewfi26
    IGN Supernewfi26

    I really enjoy this server. Lots of fun people and great mod packs
  10. zachn1700
    GrumpyCraft is great. They have an amazing, active community, a wide variety of modpacks to play, helpful and supportive staff and just about everything else you would want to see from a server. Highly recommend joining and checking it out for yourself.