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Open GrumpyCraft Infinity Evolved SkyBlock

SkyBlock Experts / Professional Staff / Mature Community / Dedicated Hardware

  1. GrumpyCraft.com
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    GrumpyCraft Network | FTB Infinity Skyblock


    We are a mature community of experienced staff. We have been hosting modded minecraft servers for 3+ years.

    Check out our other modpacks and view modpack version info at http://www.grumpycraft.com/#modpacks


    Vote rewards
    Friendly Staff
    No Lag
    Custom coded plugins
    Custom coded crash recovery monitoring (99.9% uptime)

    Hardware and Network Specs

    Dedicated 1Gbps line on each server
    (Yes, we have multiple physical servers)
    Hosted in the Midwest
    i7 CPUs Overclocked at 4.0Ghz for best single-threaded performance
    32GB DDR4 RAM
    SSD Data storage and backup storage​

    Visit us at www.grumpycraft.com

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