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Open GrumpyCraft.com Infinity Evolved v2.4.2 Hardmode

Dedicated Administration | GPPlus | GPCities | VoteRewards | Minimal Banned Items | PVP Disabled

  1. GrumpyCraft.com
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    GrumpyCraft.com is inviting you to join our established FTB Infinity Evolved server. This server is running in hardmode so please expect an awesome, challenging experience.

    We are a mature community looking for new community members 18+.

    Our server IP is evol.grumpycraft.com

    We are on version 2.4.2

    We are running GP and GPCities!

    Dedicated staff for server-side administration as well as in-game staff.

    Custom code to restart the server in the event of a crash.

    Dedicated disk drives specifically for backups. (redundancy!)

    We are located in the midwest (centralized location for best US connection distribution). We are running SSD/i7 Overclocked 4.0Ghz / 99% uptime / FTB Infinity (Recommended Version)

Recent Reviews

  1. Strovo
    Bad staff, delete the ticket without answering anything not recommend it, and that he had vip