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Open || GrandiCraft Modded Network || 24/7 || FTB Beyond || PvE ||

New and Uprising Modded Community

  1. TR0NLEGCY2012
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    GrandiCraft FTB Beyond

    Banned Items can be found in-game by doing /banneditems in-game

    Founder: GrandNickyNick
    Owners: Tyler2k15
    Pack: FTB Beyond (version 1.10.0)
    Game Mode: Survival
    Whitelisting Status: Open
    Website: http://www.grandicraft.net
    Voice Server IP: grandicraft.enjinvoice.com (TS3) || https://discord.gg/yKUXC2b

    **We always update to most recent builds.**

    Processor: Intel Xeon E5 1650v2 (6 cores / 12 Threads)
    Frequency: 3.6GHz+ (3.8GHz Turbo Boost)
    RAM: 64 GB DDR3
    2x2TB HDD

    Server Summary:
    Thank you for taking your time to check out our server! We are a fairly new and uprising Modded Community. We now have 5 servers with 500+ registered members and would love to have you join our community!

    • We are using Towny to protect your land!

    • Graves enabled!

    • Be sure to checkout the /warps

    • Voting for our server rewards you with points to use in game or at the donation store for special items.

    • Server donation shop with a diverse set of kits/ranks to choose from

    • Be sure to check our website and Discord for updates

    Note: Get 50 free dimlets after 24 hours in-game time, registration on the website, and posting in this sub-forum! http://www.grandicraft.net/forum/viewforum/8459913/m/39593069