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Open Ghost Gaming | FTB Trident |Red V Blue V Green | PVP| FFA

A Player Friendly 3 team FFA with PVP and plugins.

  1. CasperPlays
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Welcome to the Ghost Network
    Server IP:

    Server Information:

    12Core Xeon

    Welcome To my Second FTB modpack server

    Trident information:
    The Server has been customized with several Plugins. Players will be able to chose one of three teams;Red,Green and Blue.Each team also have their own base and chat.If they are planing or just want to be alone with their own team

    An economy will be added as so will be many more plugins to give the players the best experience they need

    Visit us at
    for help or more information

    Current modpacks Hosted by Ghost Gaming
    FTB Ultimate
    Direwolf20 (Latest)(Coming Soon)

    Server IP:

    We Only have 3 rules:
    1.No Duping(
    This ruins the economy and the server experience)
    2.No griefing your own team(Why Would you do this?)
    3.No Fighting We are in a grace Period.

    Ip Will Be updated Upon Change.I dont really like the number ip so I will change it someone in the close future:New Ip: