gdserver's FTB Direwolf20 1.16

Open gdserver's FTB Direwolf20 1.16

Added a new auto-restart mod that will restart the server every day at 10 pm PST.

We will be cleaning up the RFTools dims this Sunday to reduce the save size as it's getting a bit big and there are a lot of abandoned dimensions. This is not something we want to have to do often but every once in a while it will need doing.
Been busy this weekend with the addition of two new servers! Try out FTB Cotton and FTB OceanBlock servers!

FTB Cotton(Latest):
FTB OceanBlock(latest 1.1.0):
We just upgraded our server to ensure with our added popularity we are keeping the experience smooth for you all! We now have 64GB of 3600 Mhz RAM installed and ready to roll with our new Intel i5 9600 CPU.

We have also just reset the world so now is a perfect time to join and get started.