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Whitelist GaelicCraft Direwolf 1.10

DireWolf Hangout server

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    Just a server where you can play DireWolf with others. We will immediately ban trolls and what not. Very friendly and helpful community that logs in several hours a day each player! We pride ourselves on being very dedicated players. We are always open to suggestions and look forward to having new players to play and talk with. We are LGBTQ+ and we take in all types of humor!

    Server is brand new as of this post date! If you guys enjoy it, we will improve it! Minecraft 1.10

    **REQUEST TO JOIN VIA OUR DISCORD:** https://discord.gg/YUdThzh
    **We whitelist within 1 hour** on average, you might find using @whitelist and posting in #tech will get you whitelisted faster. The **only requirement** for whitelist is that you are willing to put forth the effort to sign into discord and give us your username. This helps prevent trolls!