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Open Funsquaregames Hermit Pack

New map up 24/7, no lag, PVE

  1. Monkey_skull
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    We are now updated to 1.4.0!!

    FSG Ip: hermit.funsquaregames.com:25875
    FSG TS: ts.funsquaregames.com
    FSG Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0ZanfS3S9yu3Wf2M

    Our main objective at Fun Square Games is a community that provides players with a enjoyable and exciting place
    to have new adventures and make friends along the way.

    We do offer a variety of servers from modded to vanilla.

    Hermit Pack is one of our latest additions to our FSG servers. This is a PVE no griefing/raiding server. We like to see our players collaborating with each other, building towns and living together.
    We do have a few rules for you to follow:

    -First and foremost, respect ALL staff from minimods and up.
    -Ignorance is no excuse and rules are posted for all to read, please follow them
    -No spamming, swearing, advertising and no racial or sexual slurs
    -Report all bugs, exploits, glitches and don't use or abuse them
    -Please keep public chat ENGLISH.
    -If you cost the server too many resources (CPU) the lag police will come and fix the problem for you
    -No mass mining in the overworld (quarriest etc.) we will have a area for you to set those up in.

    If you are interested in any of our other servers feel free to visit our website at
    www.funsquaregames.com for more information.

    This pack is a new 1.10 pack, with that being said it is like playing a beta/experimental pack. There will be bugs and glitches, so please report those to staff. We will try our best to make this pack as smooth as possible to play. Commands are limited for this pack, Basic commands are available for all including: /home, /tpa and /back. You can protect your land using the golden shovel. Also because of the nature of this pack, there will be no kits to go with your ranks.


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