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Open FTBees Crackpack [GreifPrevention | Economy]

Feed The Beast modded server Community

  1. JoccE
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    Welcome to the FTBees Community

    We strive to maintain a family friendly environment. Our staff are real people that have real lives. We do have some time-based rank restricted items. This is in place to protect our players. No modded server can offer 20TPS all the time, but we try our best to be at 20 at all times.

    We appreciate you checking us out.

    -Friendly Staff and Owners
    -Staff active on Forums and Discord
    -High end Dedicated Servers
    -Backups running every 2 hours to keep everyone's bases safe
    -Family Friendly server with clear rules, visit /warp rules or the forums to see more.
    -As little banned items as possible, some of the items are granted to time based ranks.

    Register at http://www.ftbees.com and purchase the FREE Enhanced Welcome Pack