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Open FTBCiv [Crackpack v1.10] [24/7] [Discord!]

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Ftb Presents Crackpack v1.10
We are the architects of change. From stone to diamonds, we have always strived for something greater. Now we may truly bridge the ancient world with the modern. Featuring the Official Modpack of the Crackpack team, embark on what can only be called a renaissance, as you begin your journey from the simplest of stone tools to traveling the stars. No matter the challenges you encounter, endure, and always strive for something greater. May there be no end to your imagination, and no limits to your civilization.
  • Ftb Presents Crackpack v1.10
  • Mytown2, and a few other methods to prevent Griefing!
  • Very few completely banned items!
  • Reseting Mining World!
  • Dedicated Staff!
  • Website Coming Soon!
  • Welcoming anyone who wishes to be a positive part of the forming community!
Hello everyone, I am Anevarez and I will be your host for however long you spend on my server. The intention behind this server was to create a community driven project that allows for everyone to fairly and equally explore mod mechanics, as long as they don’t infringe on the server’s integrity or performance. While building this server, my friends and I felt our spur of the moment spawn design felt very 17th century Medditeranean. As a result, the design brought about the idea of a renaissance and how well the thought processes of one fit modded minecraft. The renaissance was the moment in human history where we, as a people, bridged the gap between the ancient world and the modern, and in Feed The Beast, you experience much the same idea as you go from stone furnaces to giant nuclear reactors.

With that basic idea in mind, the design of the server while PvP will hopefully encourage people to band together to form their own towns and nations. Theft and the slaughter of innocents is permitted, and through the use of Mytown and other protections, most forms of major griefing will be impossible. I am very much a fan of having very few items banned, but as a server administrator I recognize there are some items and dimensions that while fun for individual players can negatively impact the server environment and so a few items will inevitably wind up on the banned list. I hope to see you in game soon!
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