FTB University server! - From the makers of the longest running Academy server online

Open FTB University server! - From the makers of the longest running Academy server online

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Hello again, Crossfire here to let you know about our brand new FTB University server. We are the creators of the longest running FTB academy server on the internet and we are back again to introduce the newest addition to our server network, that is the FTB University server!

This server expands on the ideas and principles taught in FTB Academy and expands them to many more new mods and more advanced mods. Take a look at the amazing questbook that has tons of quests for each and every mod! A plethora of new dimensions await for you to explore and conquer. An interactive land claiming and team system lets you brave these quests and dimensions with friends should you not wish to go alone.

This server is brand new, so as a result we are in an Open Beta period, more development will take place on the server in the very near future. Please keep an eye on our discord for development and news. Please be patient with us as we develop the server for a full release and as other parts of the pack become more developed.

Version: 1.0.0
IP: FTBU.agnmc.com
discord: discord.agnmc.com or https://discord.gg/QUxg9jQ

Hope to see you there! Please consider joining the discord to connect with other players! All server rules are posted on the discord. There are also security features such as a captcha on the discord that you need to pass in order to gain access to the discord server. Please reach out to a staff member should you have any issues.

Thank you all!

P.S. This server is 100% EULA compliant and our servers run 100% off of Patreon style donations.
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Such a Great Server and im so happy theres one just after Modpack Release. Server is clean, runs well and the community to fun to play with. Look forward to seeing it when its complete
Server is really well run and the community is very nice, only a few issues with some chunk loaders but that's mostly it.