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Whitelist FTB ultimate server

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Ultimate 1.1.2
This is a whitelisted FTB ultimate server for people that are tired of all the new Quest and Magic and just want a tech focused pack with gregtech. We are looking for a few players. This is also a pure vanilla pack. so no plugins, no admins and no banned items. There is also a Teamsspeak where you can hangout and chat with the other players on the server. Hoping to get som players that realy miss the old FTB.

To join Leave your IGN and a short descripsion of why you want to join the server.

It is a dedicated server running on dual xeons with 24gb allocated to the server
First release
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5.00 star(s) 11 ratings

Latest reviews

Well i miss the old FTB and i want a decent server where i can play with few players more and have fun .
What is IGN (: ?
Hoping for an invite, this is the pack I play most largely due to the nearly complete wiki entries for it. Well known on this pack on other open public servers.
IGN: noppah
i've been watching for good server for ftb ultimate since I played it when it came out
Ign: Belmont317
Been dying to get a whiff of nostalgia
ign: Psychodelicgamer

Was Looking to play ftb again with a community also have a friend that wants to aswell
ign: LaserClan
been a year since I played ftb, on break and coming back for the nostalgia
ign: jakira77
Reason: I just want to play some minecraft with others!
ign: justpman
haven't played in a while but i was just missing it, and i've got a month off of school of free time
Check your pm :)
IGN: Uni99
Reason to join is just mostly for nostalgia, really love ftb ultimate but have gotten tired of playing alone.
Check your PM:)
IGN : Delzuar
My reason to join is i want to enjoy a pack that hard but not just grindy and without recipe change that force you to play mod you don't like. Honestly its mostly for nostalgia because i had my best modded minecraft memories with this pack.
check pm :)