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Open FTB Ultimate Reloaded (deutsch/german)

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FTB Ultimate Reloaded
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kleiner unmodifizierter Ultimate Reloaded Server ohne gebannte Items und mit Offline-Chunkloading. Möchte einfach nur ein wenig zocken und suche Mitspieler, die Lust haben was zu erreichen im Modpack.

Regeln gibst eigentlich nur eine: Quarrys, Turtle bzw. Mining bitte nur in der Mining Dimension.

Hello people,

feel free to join my new Feed the Beast Ultimate Reloaded Server. I started today and it is just my personal server with 4 slots, but if you want to play together join in. There is just on rule: Do mining only in the mining dimension. Thats all. There are no banned items and offline-chunkloading is activated.
I am from German, so you are welcome if you are a German guy, but if not there is no problem. I think my english is not that bad (maybe...).
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