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FTB Ultimate — MC1.4.7
Hey !
We're two friends who have been playing Industrial/Tech Modpacks for ages (we came from Tekkit, then FTB Beta-A and finally Ultimate) and we're getting tired of playing alone.

We aim to make a small and convivial server with a dozen of people to have fun and share the love of this modpack. Common sense rules (don't cheat, be nice, have fun), no banned items.

The server is hosted in France on a dedicated machine on which I have setted up several personal ftb server for the last few years. Currently this FTB server have 6 dedicated cores & 4GB Ram, but i have more resources available if needed.

Join our discord ( or drop a message here with your game tag & a short description if you miss the good old industrial/tech modpacks !

Britaliope un_nain_souciant

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