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Whitelist FTB Trident - War Server - Working To 10 People

Just Trying To Get A Couple Of People To Have A War With (FFA)

  1. KryptekIsBoss
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    Currently have a small server of just friends, but we are looking for a bit more action. We are looking for about 5-6 people to play along with us. You must abide by the rules and have a decent level of maturity. Also you must not get angry if you are raided, stolen from, killed, etc.... There are only a few rules that are easy to follow. Anyways, if you are interested email me at -[email protected] and hopefully you will have skype as well(Not A Requirement). So if you're looking to have a fun time just email me so I can add you too the whitelist. If you are interested and are willing to talk on skype add me at [nick.shelnutt]! Hope to see you on!

    Also there are two mods that you MUST install! 1. http://flansmod.com/content-pack/379/1710410_Greylight_Content_Pack_13?search=&sort=downloads&direction=DESC&seed=1.43392050971E+12&pageon=7 -- which is a flans content pack. If you don't know how I can show you how to install it.

    2.http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/225810-custom-trades-mod --- which allows us to make custom trade GUI's for the villagers.

    Message Me Your Username And I Will Add You To The Server!
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