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Whitelist FTB Trident Server! | War | PVP | Anarchy | Civilisation | NEW PLAYERS WELCOME!

A peaceful, legit community server with aspects of war. It's up to how you want to play!

  1. CBGamer
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    1.0.0 (Recommended)
    Hi! You want to join my server?

    We're having wars, making community cities and having a blast!
    You can play on your own, with friends or with strangers!
    There's pvp and raiding but a few minor rules along with that.

    If you want to join (of course you do..) then message me on skype, mentioning this FTB post. No information about you required!

    Skype Name: CBGamerYT

    Also, ask me about additional mods!