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Open FTB SkyCo | 24/7 | FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock | Friendly Community

A small friendly Gaming Community that is always open for new people

  1. XxHunterxXOWNER
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    Modpack Version:
    Sky.Co is a 20 slot server full with excitement. It contains lots of fun plugins, Also with FTB's mod Pack FTB infinity Evolved Sky block. This is a server for dedicated sky block players to have fun and build. If you are wondering if you should join our community based friendly server my answer would be YES. You don't know what your missing until you join.


    -20 Slots
    -Community built
    -Fun plugins
    -1536MB RAM (Will be upgraded)
    -Kcauldren 1.7.10
    -FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock Verison 1.2.0 (Latest)