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Whitelist FTB Revelations Community Server {New} {16+}

A friendlt community meant to bring players together while keeping it interesting....

  1. DeceiveGaming
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    Hello! I am Deceive (benefactor and in a sense, runner of the server) and I am looking for a small amount of people (8-10) to help create a nice community of players on the hosted server I own. This is going to be mainly PvE (especially for the starting process) with some cool PvP elements and maybe role playing we decide as a group. I am mainly looking for older members of the community (16+). The purpose of this server is to enjoy everything FTB revelations has to offer without any faction-style gameplay and without having to be alone. Development of the server will be a continual process (in game...most technical stuff is ready). The core aspects other than it being FTB revelations are all up to who ever we chose to be whitelisted as well as the pack with Buildcraft 7.99.14 and without Botania! Streaming and maybe even videos could end up being a possibility but as of right now I will be keeping my channels inactive.
    The rules are simple:
    1. Stealing shouldn't occur, minor stealing results in you being placed in PvP mode, stealing major items results in a ban
    2. No greifing whatsoever (I have world backups like crazy, greifing will just be a waste of time)
    3. This server is meant to be a community, not a factions server. With this being said, as the server is populated and trust is gained between players, certain plugins and protections will be removed to make a more community sense. Until that trust is formed, for the protection of the population, there are currently ways to claim land and form teams (Allys of your team can access your claimed land, enemies of your team are in PvP mode). Claiming land should not be ridiculous as extremely large or irrational claims will just be removed without notice.
    So if you are interested please answer a few questions and Ill get back to you shortly.

    NOTE: The server is hosted in Montreal. If you are South West or West, consider joining a different server due to ping



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