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Open FTB Interactions Dedicated 24/7 Public Multiplayer Server

FTB Interactions is an awesome GregTech Modpack using Community Edition of GT.

  1. Kane Hart
    Server IP:
    Feed The Beast Interactions
    Modpack Version:
    Welcome to Stone Legion's Dedicated FTB Interactions Server!

    This is an amazing pack if not one the best FTB Packs to date. We consider this pack in between FTB Infinity Expert and GTNH. This pack is a GregTech Pack so be warned but it's using GregTech Community Edition that is solid as heck!

    We don't have a whitelist system as you must be approved but you need to add yourself to the server list and we force this via discord so we can contact you if there is an issue with your base, etc.

    Server is Dedicated that we host ourselves with low latency around the world.

    Our Discord:

    Just read the Pinned message and type !whitelist minecraftname


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