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Whitelist FTB Infinity Private Dedicated Server

Small tight-knight group of friends looking to grow.

  1. DerpyEdgy
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Hello, I'm DerpyEdgy. I'm currently setting up a FTB Infinity modded server. It will be up 24/7 have 16Gb DDR3 RAM, an Intel Xeon processor, and 120Gb SSD. It is not home-run. I'm looking for around 10-15 people to join me in playing on it.


    1. No griefing.
    2. All items are allowed.
    3. PVP is allowed, as long as both parties agree.
    4. No lag machines, or intentionally causing lag in any form or fashion.
    5. Try to keep the server pretty. That is don't go around tnting or building huts of dirt. 6.Don't be a douche. If you need elaborating I'll happily provide some colorful narratives.
    6. The server will be on expert mode, so do be aware of this.
    Note: Please be sure to include contact details when stating your favored method of communication. Also be sure to include all parts of contact details ie: Including both username and 4 digit code on Discord.

    Application: https://goo.gl/forms/yJUh8sMDzwhmvO0c2