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Whitelist FTB Infinity Expert|18+|No banned items

Survival without bullsh*t

  1. VeyezX
    Server IP:
    will be given in discord
    Modpack Version:
    1. No Racism or Sexcism
    2. No open defiance/ disobedience to the staff ( be patient )
    3. Do not build near spawn (100 blocks)
    4. Do not leave quarries unattended no more than 2 hours ( lagg purposes )
    5. No griefing.
    6. No pvp unless its openly agreed in chat by other player
    7. If something isn't working, moving etc. please report it in the bug tab so the mod/ server host and take a look at it.
    8. No spamming
    9. You have freedom of speech but slightly limited. No open debates about politics, conspiracy theory or religion. Philosophy is okay.
    10. Open door policy: If you have a problem with something or someone, please have a friendly discussion about it, even if the opinions conflict, we would like to have a friendly environment. No drama please.


    Other Things:
    -Minimum Age allowed is 18 years, If younger we can talk about it in discord.
    -Do not build around spawn (at least 100+ blocks away from spawn).
    -Keep a minimum distance from other players.
    -Be friendly

    In-Game Username:
    What is your Timezone?:
    How often will you be active in-game? (Hours per Day):
    How much experience do you have with modded minecraft?:
    Any Information you think we should know:
    Any questions you would like to ask:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/KJrBUAp