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Open FTB Infinity Evolved by CraftersLand - 3.0.2

Expert Mode | Towns | Market | Rewards | Clans | PvP | Dedicated Host

  1. brunyman
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    Modpack Version:
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    CraftersLand Community is more then 6 years old, we have multiple servers of Minecraft, we will provide you with good, quality minecraft servers so we can all have fun and play. Our server is here to last! Come and play.

    Server Features:
    • Expert Mode
    • Town land protection system (MyTown 2 Mod).
    • Multiple chat channels.
    • Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
    • Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
    • Daily Backups.
    • Random Spawn.
    • Daily and Vote Rewards.
    • Clans and PvP.
    • Server Live map.
    • Few items banned. List: https://goo.gl/iVkF13
    • Hosted in Data Center in Germany.
    • Dedicated Server Online 24/7.
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Recent Reviews

  1. VanDragoon
    Really great hard technic server with active and helpfull admin team. Come and Join US!
    IGN: VanDragoon
  2. coby156
    Great server, the expert mode gives you a fresh experience with feed the beast and the server has admins that help you if you ask for it. Great helpful community too and the plugins make it more enjoyable, especially since it stops players from cheating/abusing bugs.
    IGN: coby156
  3. multie9000
    good server, but it would be nice if several storage systems would work
  4. boyj888
    Its a realy nice server
    Its not lagging and no bugges
    Players are realy nice and helpful
    Its full free and very enjoying
  5. alueex
    Server performs well. People are nice and interactive. Mods have been helpful. Shop at spawn could use more selection.
  6. EnergyTR
    perfect ftb server
    Nick: EnergyTR
  7. fonden99
    This server has the potential of being a good server... But the huge flaw that makes it almost shitty, is that simply donating u get rights to creative... This makes it very hard to see through who worked their asses, and have knowledge versus. who used 5 dollars and wanted to make draconic armor. We're currently on day 3, and some are walking around in draconic armor.

    This needs to be fixed, no1 should be able to "Buy" creative. Fly? Sure. Legendery keys? Sure. Creative? Why? Just why? Only admin should have this right.
    1. brunyman
      Server's Response
      Hi, thanks for the review, at the moment creative creative access also comes with lot's of restrictions so you can't interact with non creative players. It just helps us pay all bills, however if we do get more requests on our forum to remove access we will do it asp, the problem is most of our players want this feature to be available.
  8. Tigerlion
    This server seems really fun so far. IGN: Tiger911pow
  9. Animeboye
    This server was extremely friendly and I didn't expect it. I've been in a lot of toxic servers but when I had a problem with my balance disappearing everyone tried to help me. It was very helpful. My name is "Animeboye"
  10. Torgovec
    Good day. I apologize in advance for possible grammatical errors, I am from Russia and I am only learning English. I really liked this server, first of all because I have a relatively low ping here and I can play comfortably, and besides, I have not noticed a single lag, which is also important. I can also note that on this server, extremely responsive players are playing ready to help at any time. Of the minuses I can point out a rather small main world, but still it is not very built up and you can play comfortably. In general, I definitely recommend playing on this server, especially if you are from Russia, because I was looking for a suitable server all day, and only regret that I found this server so late. My In-Game Name: Torgovec (in russian language it's mean's Dealer) сome to the server, write to me, I will be glad to learn English with your help.