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Open FTB Infinity Evolved by CraftersLand - 3.0.2

Expert Mode | Towns | Market | Rewards | Clans | PvP | Dedicated Host

  1. brunyman
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    CraftersLand Community is more then 6 years old, we have multiple servers of Minecraft, we will provide you with good, quality minecraft servers so we can all have fun and play. Our server is here to last! Come and play.

    Server Features:
    • Expert Mode
    • Town land protection system (MyTown 2 Mod).
    • Multiple chat channels.
    • Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
    • Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
    • Daily Backups.
    • Random Spawn.
    • Daily and Vote Rewards.
    • Clans and PvP.
    • Server Live map.
    • Few items banned. List: https://goo.gl/iVkF13
    • Hosted in Data Center in Germany.
    • Dedicated Server Online 24/7.
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Recent Reviews

  1. sebahehehe123xd
    very good server, 0 lags helpfull player
  2. jak222pro
    This server is in my opinion one of the best moeded servers
    because there is 0 lag what so ever and the comunity is very nice and welcome to help
  3. lifeproof1
    Nice server friendly community and staff no lag.
  4. Hypxr
    This server is fantastic! Little to no lag, friendly staff and awesome auctions/store. Etc. Highly reccommend, friendly community. Axuna is my in-game name
  5. ChangeOfPower
  6. CallMeHobby
    The Craftersland FTB Infinity Evolved server is a blast to play. Excellent Staff, awesome trading system, and the expert mode is a blast. The shop has a wide variety of items, yet it doesn't make things too easy. 10/10 would recommend!
  7. Jacob Pilkington
    Jacob Pilkington
    This server is very challenging to play on due to expert mode but if you're looking for a server you'll have to grind on this is definitely for you. The helpers are very friendly and seem to be educated in every mod I need help in! -TheThirdPigeon
  8. Purecuriousity
    Great Server! Friendly and helpful staff!
  9. Skello9
    It is a really enjoyable server. It has an amazing community who are always willing to help you if you have any questions. As its expert mode, it takes a while to progress but the server will help you through some of the items you can buy in the shop which normally take you ages to find. It restarts frequently which can be annoying but it will help the server have higher TPS so its worth it. Overall, it is a really fun server which I highly recommend
  10. Alois95
    Best server i ever played! 0 Lag.