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Whitelist FTB Horizons II Daybreaker|Youtube Recording|Small Community|TS3

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Hey there. Me and few other youtubers/friends are starting up a horizons daybreaker server and wanted to add a few more people (mainly people who also would like to do youtube stuff but meh if you don't). A little about our group, we're mainly in our twenties (21-24) with a few older and were rather small at the moment about 6 of us. We're active people in our Teamspeak 3 channel and we like to think we're funny. If you want check me out to see if you would fit in you can do so here

Without any further ado heres a simple whitelist application. And if you could fill it out here in a reply and NOT IN THE REVIEW SECTION... that'd be awesome. I already got a warning because someone cant follow instructions >_>


MC name:

Do you have a mic/will you join Teamspeak:

Do you plan on recording at all:

If so whats your channel:

What is your favorite mod in this pack:

Ever been banned?:

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell me a funny joke/story...seriously:

Thanks and I'll be looking over every review and get back to the ones we like after I talk it over with the rest of my friends. I'll end up reaching you through forum PMs if you would not like this send me a PM and I can reach you another way.
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