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Whitelist FTB Direwolf20 1.10 small family friendly server

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Direwolf20 1.10.2 (1.5.1)
Looking for a few people who might be interested in a server I started for myself and my kids. This will be a casual PVE server with the main rules being:
  1. Be respectful of others
  2. Do not crowd other players (If you can see your fellow player's builds, you're too close!)
  3. No profanity (my kid's will be playing keep it clean please!)
  4. Do not grief in any way
  5. Have fun!
Post a comment below with you ign and why you would want to join this server. Also what times you would be playing. We are located on the West Coast so play times for us are usually around 7 to 9 PST.
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Latest reviews

IGN: gadenlock

I am currently located on the east coast, being in college, play times will vary but mostly centered around 5-10pm est. I have been bouncing from small server to small server for a few years now, always sad when each one shuts down. I am in need of a new home to play and am pretty experiences with the mods. I am willing to help others learn and have fun while cultivating a friendly community. I am pretty tech-centric. I hope I get whitelisted for this community, and if not I understand and wish y'all a good time on FTB
IGN: Ghujikol
Hi im looking to play on a small respectful whitelist server.
Im a 29m on the east coast, so play times can line up well. although might log around noon some says before work.
I have some modded experience, put a lot of work into 1.7 ultimate single player, but would like to be able to share my experience with people this time.
my sister who is 12 might play on my account sometimes as well, so having a respectful server would be good.
IGN: ekronz Hello! I have been looking for a small server to play on for a while now! For now it is just me but eventually my little brother may join as well so the fact that this server is family friendly is perfect!
IGN: xGaben
Why I want to join: I am looking for a smaller community modded server where I can play with other people without being griefed and play the game enjoyably!
Play time: Most likely between 6-9ish CST
IGN: Czerno_Alpha
I am a father who likes to play with his daughter. If we had a server environment, especially with other kids, I think I might get her to play more often. I love to play with other parents and their kids. I'm friendly, and love to learn and teach others in this game.
I usually play in the evenings CST between 7 and 10 pm. Weekends I will play later. Sometimes might be on very late as I suffer insomnia.
IGN: Cuarok
The reason I want to join this server os because I find it more enjoyable to play on the smaller whitelisted servers over the larger public servers.
is the 7-9 PST in the A.M or P.M? if it's in the P.M then I should be able to play around that time.
Welcome to the server you have been whitelisted