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Whitelist FTB Builders Paradise | New Community

Community Based

  1. benw11
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    FTB Builders paradise
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    We are a new and about to start up community and would love to have you all for the test run and Launce of our community.

    Mission Statement

    Our Mission is to be Community focused, We believe that the Community is what makes the fun happen, If we don't have a good vibe going around there is really no point in doing this. Our number one goes and priority is to make the Community what matters, not about the look goods or the pretty shiny things but to focus on what matters which is the Community.

    We were started in August of 2019, By myself Ben. My mission was to create a authentic and community based group, where people would come to play on games with that happy and nice vibe. I believe that the community is what makes the fun happen and without the community there is no point in having a group. I started 'The Gaming Clan' with the intent to have a fully community originated group of People that become Friends, The Community is the main focus and I surely hope to keep it that way and will do my best.



    Join our Discord Server and fill out a Application and we'll get to you ASAP,